Triforce Fastener and Components

Self Drilling Screws

Flat Phillips
Oval Phillips
Pan Phillips
Wafer Phillips, Machine Screw Thread
Framing Screw/Reamer with Wings
Hex Washer Slotted
Hex Washer Unslotted
Hex Washer Unslotted #4 and #5 Points
Hex Washer Unslotted w/Neo-EPDM Washer Sealing Screw.
Trim Head Square Drive
Trim Head Phillips
Modified Truss Phillips (Zinc)
Modified Truss Phillips (Black Phosphate)
Wafer Phillips w/Drill Point
Wafer Phillips High-Low w/Spade Point
Pan Phillips, 410 STAINLESS STEEL
Hex Washer Unslotted, 410 STAINLESS STEEL

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