Triforce Fastener and Components


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Hammer Drive
Hollow Wall
Lage Screw Shield
Plastic Wall
Toggle Wings

Cap Screws, Bolts and Dowel Screws
Carriage Bolts, Square Neck
Dowel Screws
Elevator Bolts
Flat Slotted Cap Screws
Frame Bolts
Hanger Bolts
Hex Cap Screws
Lag Screws
Plow Bolts, #3 Head
Serrated Hex Washer Flange Screws
Step Bolts
Tap Bolts

Drive Screws
Type U

Head Dimensions
(Machine screws, Tapping Screws, Wood Screws)
Binding Head, SLotted Underbcut For M/S
Bugle Head, Phillips
Fillister Heads for Machine Screws
Flat Head, Machine Screws
Flat Head, 100 Machine Screws
Flat Head, Phillips Screws
Flat Head, Square
Flat Head, Tapping Screws
Flat Head, Torx®
Flat Head, Wood Screws
Flat Head, Undercut, Machine Screws
Flat Head, Undercut, Tapping Screws
Hex and Hex Washer Heads, M/S
Hex and Hex Washer Heads, S/T/S
Hex Washer Head, High-Low
Oval Head, Machine Screws
Oval Head, Tapping Screws
Oval Head, Wood Screws
Pan Head, Combination Drives, STS
Pan Head, Machine Screws and SEMS
Pan Head Phillips, High-Low
Pan Head, Square Recess
Pan Head, Tapping and Drilling Screws

Head Diminsions
Pan Head, Torx®
Round Head, Machine Screws
Round Head, Wood Screws
Truss Head, Machine Screws
Truss Head, Tapping Screws
Wafer Head, Self Drilling Screws

Cap Nut, Two Piece
Finished Hex
Flange, Grade C Automation
Flange, Grade C Hex Collar
Flange, Grade GT
Heavy Hex
Machine, Square and Hex
Nylon Insert Stop, Standard Pattern
Nylon Insert Stop, Think Pattern
Serrated Hex Flange
Spring, Flat Type
Spring, J Type
Spring, U Type
Spring, Regular
Two Way Reversible
Wing, Cold Forged
Wing, Stamped


Cotter Pins
Dowel Pins
Spring Pins

Application Data & Part Number Guide
Closed End
Large Flange

Self Clinching Fasteners
Studs, Flush Head

Button Head Socket Cap Screws
Flat Socket Cap Screws
Hex Keys
Low Head Socket Cap Screws
Pipe Plugs, Dry Seal
Pipe Plugs, Flush Type
Set Screws
Shoulder Screws
Socket Head Cap Screws

Thread Dimensions
(Machine screws, Tapping Screws, Wood Screws)
Class 2A, External Threads
Class 2B, Internal Threads
Drywall and Particle Board, Coarse Thread
Drywall, Fine Thread
High-Low Thread forming Screws
Plastite® Thread Rolling Screws
Self Piercing Screws, Hex Washer Head
Taptite II Thread Rolling Screws
Type 1, Thread Cutting Screws
Type 23, Thread Cutting Screws
Type 25, Thread Cutting Screws
Type A, Self Tapping Screws
Type AB, Self Tapping Screws
Type B, Self Tapping Screws
Type BSD, Self Drilling Screws
Type CSD, Self Drilling Screws
Type F, Thread Cutting Screws
Wood Screws, Cut & Rolled Threads
Tolerance On Length, Machine Screws

Thumb Screws
Plain Pattern
Should Pattern

Countersunk External Tooth Lock
Countersunk Finishing
External Tooth Lock
Hi-Collar Spring Lock
Internal-External Tooth Lock
Internal Tooth Lock
Machine Screw
Medium Screw
Medium & High Alloy Split Spring Lock
SAE Low Carbon
Sems, Split-Lock & Square Cone®
Sems, Tooth-Lock
USS Low Carbon

Weld Screws
Bottom Projection Style
Top Projection Style
Wing Screws, Type D